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Is your ‘Summer Body’ ready?

Getting ready for the summer shouldn’t be hard work or something that you dread when thinking about, and it’s way more than just having the ‘perfect’ body. Here are a few easy tips on how to feel your best during these sunny days:

Drink Up It's a myth that guzzling lots of water makes you bloated. In fact, not hydrating often enough causes you to retain water underneath the skin's surface, giving you a puffy look. Drinking up to 2L and more of water a day will have your skin glowing almost instantly, your body will be more awake and you'll seem more toned, because your body creates a reserve of water below your muscles, pressing them out and adding definition.

Protect your skin

Too much UV (ultraviolet) from the sunshine can prematurely age your skin and lead to discolorations and uneven texture. Furthermore, wrinkles and sun spots aside, you are also putting yourself at risk of skin cancer. Take precautions to limit your skin to sun exposure by always wearing a hat or sunscreen, and make sure to condition your body after a day out.

Eat well

It is so tempting in the summer to grab whatever is sizzling on the BBQ and stuff it back with a cold fermented brew. This isn’t a big deal if you do it occasionally, but always just keep in mind how much fat, calories, and salt is in those hotdogs, marinated meats and other BBQ foods. Alcohol is also full of sugar that is such an easy way to consume way more calories than you were intending to.

Spruce up your wardrobe

It is time to bust out some colour! If you have been wearing dull and muted tones all winter, now is the perfect chance to ramp up your wardrobe and get some fun and exciting new looks going! ‘Ultra-Violet’ has been named as the official 2018 Colour of the Year, this bright purple shade ‘communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking’. While it may seem quite intimidating to wear in your every day life it is actually easier than it first seems, start by adding an ‘ultra-violet’ accessory into your look such as a handbag or shoes. For the slightly more braver try out an ‘ultra-violet’ separate piece like a pair of pants or shirt while still keeping the rest of your look in neutral shades of navy or grey can this look will work really well. For the bolder dressers experiment by adding other bold colour, red, pink and green could be super fun colours to wear with ultra-violet. So no more boring black or grey for you this season its ‘ultra-violet’ all the way if you want to make a fun and happy statement!

Get active

Summer can be a very busy time between catching up with family and friends, pool parties, BBQ’s, picnics, sporting events and concerts plus more outdoor events. Be sure that you are setting aside some time to exercise and burn off all those extra calories you gulped down last night grabbing an ice cream on the way home from dinner! Take a run, go for a walk, find a good routine that works and prevents you having to feel guilty about over-indulging over the summer weekends. Always remember our main focus is for us all to feel at best with ourselves, but we can all relax and have some fun along the way!

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