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Foot Care Package

Foot Care Package


Included with your Bare Botanicals 55g Barefoot Buttercrème is 1 pair of cute low-cut, lightweight Cotton Antibacterial Socks.


Barefoot Buttercrème is the perfect way to pamper your feet not just before summer but all year round.  Organic botanical seed butter and oils combined create a creamy texture to help protect and nourish, while St John's Wort and Calendula flower extracts nurture your skin to tip-top condition. Lime, lavender, peppermint, spearmint, benzoin and tea tree essential oils refresh and give a zing to tired feet but will leave them smelling deliciously sweet and minty.


Hints & Tips

*Apply buttercrème to your feet every night and if using for dry and cracked heels, don't be stingy, slather a fair amount to your heels and cover with light and breathable socks.  For best results regularly use after applying a foot scrub or using a pumice stone. Regular use will ensure lovely feet always.

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